WAVE-hul Module

1 Introduction

The WAVE-hul module recognizes and validates the Audio for Windows format (WAVE) [WAVE,WAVEFORMAT]. WAVE is a variant of the Microsoft RIFF format [RIFF], which is itself an implementation of the Electronic Arts IFF 85 format [IFF].

The module is invoked by the:

jhove ... -m WAVE-hul ...
command line option.

2 Coverage

The WAVE-hul module recognizes and validates the following public profiles:

3 Well-Formedness

The following criteria must be met by an WAVE object for JHOVE to consider it well-formed:

4 Validity

The following criteria must be met by a WAVE file for JHOVE to consider it valid:

5 Representation Information

The MIME type is reported as: audio/x-wave.

In addition to the standard JHOVE representation information, the following WAVE-specific properties are reported:

The WAVE module recognizes the following chunks:

The AIFF module reports audio properties using the draft AES-X098B, Core audio metadata XML definition, currently under development by the Audio Engineering Society (AES) SC-03-06 Working Group on Digital Library and Archive Systems.

5.1 Profiles

WAVE is a format for uncompressed or compressed sampled audio. The format is defined informally by references to various Microsoft API data structures [WAVEFORMAT, PCMWAVEFORMAT, WAVEFORMATEX, WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE]. The baseline "fmt " chunk is defined by the WAVEFORMAT structure with a length of 14:

WORD  wFormatTag
WORD  nChannels
DWORD nSamplesPerSec
DWORD nAvgBytesPerSec
WORD  nBlockAlign
where WORD indicates a 16-bit unsigned integer and DWORD indicates a 32-bit unsigned integer.

The specific form of the sampled data is specified by the "fmt " chunk wFormatTag field [RFC 2361].

Common format tags include, but are not limited to:

10x0001Microsoft PCM
20x0002Microsoft ADPCM
30x0003IEEE Float
40x0004Compaq VSELP
50x0005IBM CVSD
60x0006Microsoft ALAW
70x0007Microsoft MULAW
160x0010OKI ADPCM
170x0011Intel DVI ADPCM
180x0012Videologic MediaSpace ADPCM
190x0013Sierra ADPCM
200x0014Antex Electronics G.723 ADPCM
210x0015DSP Solution DIGISTD
220x0016DSP Solution DIGIFIX
230x0017Dialogic OKI ADPCM
240x0018MediaVision ADPCM
250x0019HP CU
320x0020Yamaha ADPCM
330x0021Speech Compression Sonarc
340x0022DSP Group True Speech
350x0023Echo Speech EchoSC1
360x0024Audiofile AF36
380x0026AudioFile AF10
390x0027Prosody 1612
480x0030Dolby AC2
490x0031Microsoft GSM610
500x0032Microsoft MSNAudio
510x0033Antex ADPCME
520x0034Control Res VQLPC
540x0036DigiADPCM AC2
550x0037Control Res CR10
570x0039Roland RDAC
590x003BRockwell ADPCM
600x003CRockwell Digit LK
640x0040Antex Electronics G.721
650x0041Antex Electronics G.728 CELP
660x0042Microsoft MSG723
820x0052Voxware RT24
830x0053InSoft PAC
850x0055MPEG Layer 3
890x0059Lucent G.723
990x0063Canopus Atrac
1000x0064APICOM G.726 ADPCM
1010x0065APICOM G.722 ADPCM
1020x0066Microsoft DSAT
1030x0067Microsoft DSAT Display
1050x0069Voxware Byte Aligned
1120x0070Voxware AC8
1130x0071Voxware AC10
1140x0072Voxware AC16
1150x0073Voxware AC20
1160x0074Voxware Metavoice
1170x0075Voxware Metasound
1180x0076Voxware RT29HW
1190x0077Voxware VR12
1200x0078Voxware VR18
1210x0079Voxware TQ40
1290x0081Voxware TQ60
1310x0083AT&T G.729A
1320x0084Motion Pixels MVI MV12
1330x0085DF G.726
1340x0086DF GSM610
1450x0091Siemens SBC24
1460x0092Dolby AC3 SPDIF
1510x0097ZyXEL ADPCM
1520x0098Philips LPCBB
2560x0100Rhetorex ADPCM
2570x0101BeCubed IRAT
2730x0111Vivo G.723
2740x0112Vivo Siren
2910x0123DEC G.723
5120x0200Creative ADPCM
5140x0202Creative FastSpeech8
5150x0203Creative FastSpeech10
7680x0300Fujitsu FM Towns Snd
10240x0400BTV Digital
16640x0680AT&T VME VMPCM
40960x1000Olivetti OLIGSM
40970x1001Olivetti OLIADPCM
40980x1002Olivetti OLICELP
40990x1003Olivetti OLISBC
41000x1004Olivetti OLIOPR
43520x1100LH Codec
51210x1401AT&T ISIAudio
53760x1500AT&T Soundspace Music Compression

6 Additional Module Properties

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